Concrete pump pumping principle

When concrete cylinder two pistons are connected to the two master cylinder piston rod, in the role of the master cylinder hydraulic oil, reciprocates a cylinder advancing, the other cylinder back; concrete cylinder communicating with the hopper outlet, one end of the dispensing valve discharge port, and the other end by a spline shaft and arm joints, under the action of the swing cylinder, can swing around.

Pumping concrete material, in the role Diesel concrete pump manufacturers of the master cylinder, a piston forward concrete, other concrete piston back, while the swing cylinder under action, the dispensing valve in communication with a concrete cylinder, another concrete cylinder in communication with the hopper. Such concrete piston back, put concrete material hopper suction concrete cylinder, another concrete piston forward, the concrete cylinder to pump concrete into the dispensing valve.


 When the concrete piston stroke back to the terminal, triggering the tank commutating the device, the master cylinder, while the swing cylinder commutation, the dispensing valve cylinder communicating with the concrete, concrete cylinder in communication with the hopper, then the Pistons a retreat, a support forward. This cycle, in order to achieve continuous pumping. When the anti-pump, by anti-pump operation, so in the intake stroke of concrete cylinder and a dispensing valve is communicated in a push stroke of concrete cylinder and hopper in communication, which will withdraw the line of concrete hopper

Concrete pump fault determination rules:

1. The failure determination should learn more about the failure of the prototype and test when usage conditions, including oil, the cumulative amount of pumping parties, failure modes, effects and other faults caused by failure to facilitate the determination category. 2. Reliability test statistics only basic fault occurs in the test prototype, not counting the dependent failures due to illegal operations and other causes. 3. multiple faults occurring simultaneously. If a non-related fault, the fault should be separately statistical breakdown of each category; if it is associated with the fault, press the fault worst statistical categories, but the rest of the fault should be in the test log notes are marked. 4. A failure should be judged as a number of failures, and can only be judged as a failure category class. 5. The pump delivery line fault other than as plugging, pipeline burst failure, failure is not included.

Concrete pump hydraulic system

1. The hydraulic system design, installation should comply with the provisions of GB / T 3766, and each relief valve set pressure should not exceed 110% of the system rated pressure. 2. The hydraulic system should be smooth, there should be no unusual noise, pumping hydraulic system rated flow, when 50% of the rated pressure of work, the commutation pressure shock value than 50% of the rated pressure Manual brick making machinery price value and should not be in the day 0.5. 3. Hydraulic oil kinematic viscosity should meet the following requirements: Kinematic viscosity is (16-68) × 10-6m / s and at extreme operating conditions, when the temperature of the maximum allowable discharge of oil 90 ℃, kinematic viscosity of not less than 10 × 10-6m / s, the cooling start a short time kinematic viscosity should not exceed 1000 × 10-6m / s. The hydraulic system of solid particle contamination of hydraulic oil grade classification according to GB / T14039 requirements. 5. The pump inlet filter filtering accuracy should meet the provisions of fuel consumption, the continuing work of the state of its inlet vacuum of no more than -0.02MPA; oil system filtration accuracy no less than 20um 6. The tank wall should be acid phosphate (or other corrosion protection does not affect the quality of hydraulic oil), the box should be no dirt and iron filings; oil-bit instructions should be clear and precise; the oil level should be maintained at the oil level gauge 3/4 position. 7. When working properly, the maximum operating temperature of the hydraulic oil in the tank should not exceed 80 ℃. 8. accumulator should be fixed and reliable. 9. The system of hydraulic components and pipes are not leaking oil.

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