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Concrete mixer is the cement, gravel aggregate and water mixed into the concrete mix with the annexation of machinery, mainly by with tube, feeding and unloading arrangements, water supply system, prime mover, transmission high quality jzm750 concrete machine mobile cement mixer arrangements, racks and support equipment constitution.

    There are many types of concrete mixer:    

 Measures by job classification can be divided into rotation jobs and continuous operation type two;     By stirring way classification can be divided into self-loading mixing, forced mixing two kinds;     Measures by device classification can be divided into two kinds of fixed and mobile;     Measures classified according to the material can be divided into tipping and non-tipping type two;     Press the mixing tank shape is not the same classification can be divided into pear-shaped, drum-type, double cone, disc vertical axis and horizontal axis five kinds of circular groove;     Press the classification can be divided into large mixing capacity (discharge capacity of 1000 ~ 3000L), medium (discharge capacity of 300 ~ 500L) and small (discharge capacity of 50 ~ 250L).

Concrete mixing machinery-related questions and answers

Q: What is the structure of concrete 75 station master? What is more general structure? A: HZS75 concrete mixing station, forced twin-shaft mixer hosts mostly used, there are some with vertical uniaxial mixer. Q: HZS180 build a concrete mixing plant production line covers how many acres? A: Like such a large mixing station, hot sale concrete and stone cement mixer with poly drum if the situation of the use of double coexist, at least ensure that there are 20 acres of grounds. Q: What kind of concrete 35 station upgrade some ways more appropriate? A: According to the relevant industry standards, HZS35 concrete mixing station, are used to enhance the fight pulled on material way. Q: concrete mixing plant treatment how? I want to go to work A: The mixing station different positions, income is significantly different, and this depends on the ability to be. Q: compulsory twin shaft mixer pay attention to what matters in the shipping process it? A: The requirements (1) are installed should pay attention to the machine may not shift the center of gravity, hoisting rope should accurately circular hook to hang on the chassis (non-mixing tube with a hook on the machine for lifting). (2) on the rail shipment folded tied with wire hopper pin fixed by the brake. (3) machine and spare parts should be firmly fixed in the car balance, and with safety hook firmly. Q: Concrete 25 stations have a simple configuration it? I have no special requirements for production. A: HZS25 concrete mixing station can do a simple configuration, a 500-type concrete mixer, plus a batching machine, it can simply produce. Q: JS1000 concrete mixer supporting the best portable concrete mixer cement mixer in loe prices gear lubricant to use what? General oil possible? A: Gearhead JS1000 concrete mixer supporting the use of dedicated gearbox required for oil, gear oil is commonly known, the price is not high, the replacement is very convenient.

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